• Item No.:GS300A

    Item No.:GS300A30M(100ft) Wall-Mounted garden hose reel for hose useContact Now

  • Item No.:GS300B

    Item No.:GS300B20M(66.6ft) Auto retractable wall-mounted garden hose reelContact Now

  • Item No.:GS45

    Item No.:GS45Gelinbao/vertland GS45 28m garden gardening tool watering watering watering vegetable sprinkler water gun water pipe reeling super long greeContact Now

  • Item No.:GS200luxury

    Item No.:GS200luxury20M(66.6ft) Auto retractable wall-mounted garden hose reel with nozzleContact Now

  • Item No.GS200MINI

    Item No.GS200MINI20 m PVC garden tube Household car wash, workshop cleaning 4S 5S workshop managementContact Now

  • Item No.:GS200D

    Item No.:GS200DGelinbao/vertland GS200D 20m Wholesale and retail household car wash hose car gardening watering pipe water drum Villa water drum washing toContact Now

  • Item No.:GS150

    Item No.:GS15015 m PVC garden tube Automatic pipe arranging device, simple storage Balcony furniture cleaning / villa garden small garden watering / car cContact Now

  • Item No.:GS140A

    Item No.:GS140AGelinbao/vertland GS140A 14m water drum reel household car wash hose automatic retractable recycling original authentic watering pipe mediumContact Now

  • Item No.GS100A

    Item No.GS100AGerlinburg/vertland GS100A 10Miglinburg reel retailer factory balcony garden, hotel, club, apartment and other engineering automatic pipe diContact Now

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