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Cable reel for the application of conductive slip ring
- 2019-05-08-

The application of conductive slip rings is very extensive, involving almost all areas related to automation, and we are now in the 21st century The most rapid development of industrial automation, conductive slip ring is an indispensable part, the future to the industrial side The role of self-evident. Keeping up with the times, through the technology and experience of researching and developing conductive slip rings for many years, we have produced more and more good conductive slip rings to meet the needs of various industrial automation. Today we mainly talk about one of the applications of conductive slip rings. Also known as cable reel or cable reel application.

        Customers with many cable reels do not know which type to choose each time they consult a conductive slip ring, they usually Will tell us that our installation space is very limited, but I need to order a conductive slip ring that is easy to maintain, low cost and reliable to use, is there? The answer is yes. We can customize any conductive slip ring according to customer's requirements. The conductive slip ring for cable reel is generally used. Due to its special space requirements, we adopt externally mounted slip ring, internal mounting slip ring or cantilever type. Slip rings are available, and these slip rings can replace the traditional slip line and become the primary conductor for the transmission of power, data and gas-liquid fluid media.


       Externally mounted conductive slip rings are suitable for cable specifications In the case where a variety of cables share a reel, the conductive slip ring is mounted on the side of the reel in the axial direction. If the slip ring is used for a long time and what is wrong (of course this is rare), it is usually removed. The outer casing of the conductive slip ring can be easily replaced with the internal parts of the maintenance; the internally mounted conductive slip ring is relatively radially mounted, and the installation position is inside the central axis of the cable reel, which is usually very small in size and beautiful; The installation of the conductive slip ring is installed at the bottom end of the cable reel and is also axially mounted. The cantilever position is the reel body. This is suitable for applications where the installation position is not strict but the cable length is long and heavy.

        The conductive slip ring has been developed to date and has become a core component of many automation equipment, especially cable reels, which have produced a wide range of conductive slip rings. It has been applied to many well-known cable reel companies at home and abroad and has gained a very good reputation. Our mature solutions for slip rings are tens of thousands. The installation method is simple, the operability is strong, and the transmission is stable and reliable.

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