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Gerlin Fort: Keep improving, high quality sword means far away!
- 2018-06-04-
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With the end of the 67th Beijing International Auto Maintenance Exhibition in 2017, Foshan Futuo Fluid Machine Co., Ltd., a representative company of Foshan, has made great gains. Its brand “Gerlin Fort” has received the attention and recognition of the media and many industry professionals, making the show more popular and exciting.

Foshan Yutuo Ling Fluid Machinery Co., Ltd. is a self-developed technology research, professional product production, sales of domestic and international automatic shrink tube (cable) equipment as one. Business. With many years of experience in R&D, production, operation and automatic coiling (cable) equipment, Greenberg's gardens cover an area of 20,000 square meters, leading the healthy development of the international automatic paper rolling machinery manufacturing industry. In recent years, Greening's sales have soared and won the support and trust of more and more domestic and foreign customers. As early as 2009, the brand has been fully upgraded, making the product more comprehensive, more stable and more widely used.

At this show, Glinburg has developed and produced several series of products: Glynborg Hose Coiler, TOP Hose Coiler, Gelinbao Combination Box, Glynburg Car Wash Chair and Car Wash Beauty stool. wait. The outstanding product quality not only impressed the participants, but also made Grinburg famous in the automotive aftermarket. For a long time, Greensburg has always established a spirit of excellence with its excellent product quality, mature sales network and service network, and has become the leader of the blue ocean in the aftermarket!

The superiority of quality is not only due to the improvement of product quality and technology, but more importantly, adhering to the corporate culture of “Quality is life, service is life”. . The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Although the competition in the automotive aftermarket is very cruel, the spirit of continuous improvement and innovation has brought a steady forward maneuver to Grinburgburg. “Doing things with heart and winning emotions” is like Greenberg’s service philosophy. In more than a decade of development, Greenberg has been trying to increase brand value and gain trust through action. In 2017, Gelin Fort is in full swing, and the sword is far away!

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