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Car Wash Beauty Stool: How To Open A Car Wash Shop?
- 2018-07-16-

According to car wash beauty stool manufacturers understand that car wash shop is also known as car beauty shop, car beauty shop and decor store. How to open a car wash? How much does it cost to open a car wash? What is the procedure for opening a car wash? These problems have plagued many colleagues who want to invest in the automotive beauty industry. Here I will tell you about the opening process of the car wash shop / car beauty shop and decor store.

According to the data of the Ministry of Communications, China's automobile production and sales in 2010 exceeded 18 million. Currently, the national automobile ownership is close to 1 billion. The automotive aftermarket has grown rapidly as car ownership has increased. As car beauty and decoration stores have lower barriers to entry and higher profit margins, more and more investors have gradually turned their attention to sales of finished cars in recent years. The car is behind the market. So for those who are not in the automotive beauty industry, how to open a car decoration store has become a problem that bothers them.

First, siting

According to the car wash beauty stool manufacturers understand that the first thing to open a car wash shop is the location. Finding a store is not difficult. Finding a good business store can be difficult for many people. The first step is to analyze the business district when selecting a website. It is not only related to the beginning of entrepreneurial success, but also provides a place for the development of future marketing strategies and the establishment of brand image. Appropriate store location:

1, close to business buildings, large and medium-sized residential communities, large supermarkets, etc.;

2. The façade is located in the parking lot, next to the gas station or high-end residential area;

3, there are enough tourists nearby, there are more hotels, restaurants and institutions;

4. Adequate water supply and superior drainage conditions;

5. The road around the store is spacious, the traffic is large, and the vehicle is easy to reach.

Detailed site selection guides can be found on the car beauty chain website.

Second, the license

After choosing a good store, the next thing to face is the issuance of a license. The necessary documents for opening a shopping mall include business licenses, tax registration certificates and sewage permits, and individual places must also apply for fire permits.

The sewage permit is not as difficult as it seems. It depends on the specific location of the store. If it is in residential areas, scenic areas and other shops that affect the environment, it is difficult to successfully approve. There must be an associated municipal drainage system next to the selected store. Before applying for a certificate, you can ask your local environmental agency to visit the website. Site conditions are in line with approval. After the completion of the pollutant discharge permit, you can apply for business licenses and other relevant documents, such as documents, store rental contracts, ID cards, etc., to the local industrial and commercial department.

Third, the planning and design of the store

The car service center can plan and design the car beauty shop, reasonably arrange the location of each function area, and make full use of the existing space. Such as car wash area, beauty area, customer rest area, tool placement area, reception, bathroom, boutique sales area, etc. As for how to divide each functional area, it should be divided according to the items on the store. If they are self-operated car wash shops that can find advertising companies for graphic design and renderings, they are satisfied that they can start construction later. If you are a franchise car beauty chain, then the headquarters will be responsible for assisting you with the store planning and design, taking the auto service esthetic franchise of the car service, after joining, some people will come to the site for on-site measurement, there are planes for professional graphic designers and space designers. Design and renderings to design your storefront. The effect of the design depends entirely on your actual storefront. After obtaining the floor plan and renderings, you can find the decoration company directly to help you with the renovation.

Fourth, car beauty decoration shop decoration

After the design of the car wash shop is completed, the next step is to start construction. The cost of refurbishment may vary depending on your needs and investment. If it is an ordinary store, the decoration can be simple and simple, and there is no need to do too much luxury. There are usually more professionals at the headquarters to guide you through the renovations, which can help you save a lot of renovation costs.

Fives. Recruitment and training

Staff training skills are based primarily on in-store beauty programs such as car wash, waxing, coating, polishing, indoor cleaning, steam sterilization, baking varnish, sheet metal, product sales techniques and store management. Training is not a two-day event. It can be done while the store is being refurbished. After the renovation, the training of the staff is coming to an end. Then the company is ready to start this business. If you are a personal car wash, you need to be responsible for training your own employees or recruiting skilled workers directly.

Six, ready to open

After the decoration of the car wash beauty stool factory is completed, the staff can be put into trial operation after the staff is in place. First, place the products and tools in the right place, prepare the items for the opening ceremony, print a good open flyer, and do more advertising. The opening day is mainly to attract customers, so you can do more promotions, such as free car wash. , do a 20% discount on beauty products. Everything is ready, then choose a good day and invite friends and family to the opening ceremony of the day.

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